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A Place For Everything With Vintner Wine Tasting Centers

January 6th, 2022

It doesn’t matter what year it is, Vintner will always manage to shine. So as we welcome 2022, we also welcome a slew of inspiring DIY wine storage projects. We’ll start it off with this beautiful project showcasing the versatility of Vintner tasting centers:

A place for everything with Vintner wine tasting centersWhen you need a place for everything but you’re not into building a formal wine cellar, this is something you should check out. Wine tasting centers are delightful space-saving solutions. They can house not just your wine bottles, but other things as well. Just like your wine racks, you can choose to have them customized. By doing so, you would be able to fit them anywhere in your home. You will also be able to achieve the functionality and style that best suits your wine storage needs. Nonetheless, the custom route is not for everyone. It certainly wasn’t for our clients, but that didn’t stop them from getting what they wanted. They went with WCI’s wine rack kits instead. In particular, they opted for the Vintner Series to get the job done.

The wine tasting centers from our Vintner Series come in several standard configurations. For example, you can start with the Individual Bottle Wine Rack kit, as what our clients did here. Then, you can start “building” your tasting center by incorporating add-ons. That’s right! Even though these are technically kits, you still have the ability for customization. There are choices made available to enable you to create a racking assembly that can meet your storage goals. For example you can add the Archway and Tabletop option or the Glass Rack and Tabletop one. You can also continue to expand the tasting center by stacking more units either side by side, on top of each other, or both. The kits will indicate which racking units will be compatible or not. Moreover, if you need space for bulk storage there are available configurations for those as well. And that doesn’t stop there! You are also given design choices with various wood, stain and finish options. Our clients chose a Grand Mahogany x Dark Walnut combo for their tasting center. Naturally, if there are details you’re unsure of, our experienced design professionals are always here to help. ^_^


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