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Technical Tuesday Episode #555: Modern Versatility With Vino Pegs

January 4th, 2022

Welcome, 2022! Let’s get the positive vibes flowing by indulging in some eye-catching visuals. In our case, it’s the modern versatility of this very first Tech Tuesday of the year:

Project # 331473
Wood/Series: Vino Pins
Bottle Capacity: 125
Where: Lewisville, TX

Modern versatility with Vino Wine PegsWe feel that this is going to be the year for metal wine racks. This project is just the first of many. But there is something truly unique about this design. See how it efficiently utilizes all of the available wall space in the room? These units are a tad different from the standard wall-mount design. They are called the “Vino Pegs” from the Vintage View Series. There are a lot of things to appreciate about thee special metal wine pegs. First, you can mount them directly to any wall surface with the proprietary anchor systems. Second, they are understated yet stylish. This allows for a minimalist wine storage system for both private and commercial applications. Last but not the least, the pegs can be mounted directly to drywall, masonry or wood. There is no need for a backer board.

Sleek, easy to install Vino PegsCheck out how sleek and seamless the wine storage looks. It gives off that contemporary vibe that we really love. Also, the bottles are displayed in a label-forward fashion. Combined with the glass-enclosed layout, the clients’ collection will be showcased to the fullest. Now as this is the New Year, we are really starting things off with a bang! There is actually one more amazing functional feature to these pegs. Allow us to acquaint you with the optional Vino Pins/Pegs Extensions (VP-X).  The extensions will let you transform your storage to two- and three-deep bottle configurations. That means you can grow your racking assembly together with your collection. And of course, there’s the cherry on top of everything else: the finish options. Select from several elegant finishes, such as  Golden Bronze and Gloss Black. But for an even more whimsical appeal, try the Acrylic Wine Pegs. Your bottles will look like they’re floating! *Cheers*


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