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Technical Tuesday Episode #551: Light & Easy W/ Unstained Vintner Racks

November 22nd, 2021

We believe that your wine cellar style should suit your personality. After all, as a wine lover, it reflects a part of who you are. So let’s check out today’s Tech Tuesday featuring a light and easy design:

Project # 332034
Wood: Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 864
Where: Montgomery, OH
Stain: Unstained

Light and easy Vintner racksOur clients exude quite the relaxed, easygoing aura. It only makes sense that their wine cellar also gives off the same statement. They worked with our team of professionals to come up with this wonderful design. It’s a simple yet spacious setup with the help of our Vintner Series. The racking arrangement is versatile, with enough room for over 800 bottles. The focus is on the Individual Bottle Columns, but there are also racking units for bulk bottle storage. You can see from the photo below a mix of Diamond  Bins with Face Trim and Rectangular Bins:

Unstained Premium Redwood racksFrom its bottle storage capacity, you can tell that this is a compact wine room. But whether you’re looking at these photos or the the cellar in person, it’ll exceed your expectations. We’ll be the first to tell you that these photos don’t lie. This wine room looks and feels super spacious indeed! Cleverly laid out racking aside, the color scheme for this project is key. Notice that the racks are left unstained to bring out the wood’s natural hues. Premium Redwood is the wood choice for this project. This wood includes wood from all parts of the log. That’s why it has a great variety of colors, ranging from whites, pinks, to reddish browns. The lighter shades of the wood open up the space. See how the wine racks complement the flooring as well. The white painted walls and ceiling also help create an easy, airy atmosphere.

Light & easy racking designIt’s quite a common design concept that softer tones make small spaces appear bigger and brighter. They are more reflective, maximizing light’s natural effects. So going with unstained Premium Redwood racks was a smart move. Notice as well how straightforward the racking arrangement is. There are no frills or fancies. It really brings out the quality craftsmanship and seamlessness of the wine racks. After all, “Less is more”! *Cheers*