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Technical Tuesday Episode #550: Using Wine Shelves In Compact Spaces

November 16th, 2021

There are so many ways to conquer small wine cellar spaces. The design possibilities are actually almost limitless. Today’s Tech Tuesday brings you yet another fantastic storage concept. See how this project uses wine shelves in a compact space:

Project # 329466
Wood: Custom / Vintner / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 555
Where: Dayton, OH
Stain: Midnight Black

Wine shelves in compact spacesIndividual Bottle Columns seem to the “standard” when it comes to racking arrangements. As you can see from these photos, this wine cellar utilizes them as well. They are, indeed, great for any type of project, whether it’s a residential or commercial one. But let’s keep in mind that here at WCI, there are so many options available. Our product catalog for wine racks is very generous. So apart from “standard” units, there are also those that can be configured to suit your bottle storage needs. Wine shelves are definitely one of these choices.

Wine shelves w/ Midnight Black StainWine shelves can be fully customized to equip your space. You can never go wrong when you take the custom route. However, we understand that it’s not for everyone. This is definitely the case in terms of budget. Not everyone can afford or is willing to shell out those extra dollars. This is why WCI wine rack “kits” exist. They come in several collections, the most popular of which is the Vintner Series. Vintner is comprised of an abundant selection of racking styles. That includes shelving, cabinetry, and even “kit” versions of some of our elite custom products.

Custom racks & Vintner kitsAs far as wine shelves go, Vintner boasts of an impressive lineup. Some of our favorites include the Adjustable Shelf Cabinet, Open Vertical Display, and Baker Wine Rack. But we are also huge fans of the fancier styles. We highly encourage you guys to check out these lovelies:

It’s best to remember that Vintner and most of our kits possess the trademark WCI “stackable” feature. That means they are easy to work with and combine with other racking units and accessories. This Tech Tuesday, for example, is a mix of custom and Vintner wine racks. *Cheers*


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