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Conquering Narrow Spaces With Custom Wine Racks

October 14th, 2021

Never give up on narrow spaces in your home! There are ways to conquering these challenges. If you’re a wine collector like our client, then today’s Testimonial Thursday can definitely help you out. Clients had this extra room in their home which was like a storage space more than anything else. But what they wanted to store was their wine bottles. So they set to work, looking for wine racks that can get the job done. They found exactly what they needed when they got in touch with our experienced design consultants.

Conquering narrow spaces w/ custom racks!Since the clients wanted to put the spare room to good use, our consultant recommended using custom racking. Going custom will allow them to maximize on bottle storage capacity. Naturally, the cost will be relatively higher compared to using wine rack kits. But the space to be equipped with the racks is a compact one. So after weighing the pros and cons, clients decided to take the custom route. They were certainly not disappointed with the results.

Our team was able to help them create a versatile racking assembly that can house several hundred bottles. There are also racks built for bulk bottle storage, including space for wine boxes and crates. As you can see from the photo, the racks were installed in a floor-to-ceiling layout. This facilitated the increase in bottle storage, beyond what clients expected. It also allowed room for some frills, like the wine tasting center you see in the photo. Of course, since this is a narrow space, it was important to keep the layout clean. One of the goals was to ensure that the cellar won’t cluttered. To  attain that, crown and base moldings, as well as center seam trim were added. You can see that there are no awkward gaps or angles anywhere. Conquering those drawbacks common to a tight space was indeed achieved! ^_^


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