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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Fun Halloween Drinking Games

October 13th, 2021

We get that Halloween is a spookfest like nothing else. But why not add a good amount of unadulterated fun to turn goosebumps into sparkles? It’s pretty simple- just add some drinking games! Naturally, if there are kids around, these games can be played with candy and chocolate instead. Here are some our fave Halloween drinking games that will put the “boo” in booze:

Halloween fun drinking games!

Credits to: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Penalty trivia, Halloween style

First up is the good, old trivia game given a bit of that Halloween flavor. You can choose to play in teams or individually, depending on the number of guests.  There will be tricky questions that will have corresponding number of points. Naturally, the goal is to get the most number of points. The team or individual with the least number of points at the end will be subjected to a drinking penalty. Here’s the “trick part: the will have zero clues as to what they’ll be drinking! Of course, before playing this game, check to ensure players don’t have any allergies.

The TikTok finger down challenge

This isn’t exactly a new game, but TikTok made it viral. So why not turn it into a Halloween drinking game! Before starting, make sure all your guests are cool with getting a bit tipsy. Each player will hold up 10 fingers. Then, each player will take a turn and says something they have never done before. If you have done it, then you need to put finger down – and do a penalty shot! The first person to put all ten fingers down loses. That’s ten alcoholic shots, so just make sure beforehand the players can hold down their liquor.

More fun with Halloween drinking games!

Credits to: Axel Breuer from Pexels

“Drink,” and not spin the bottle

Spin the bottle never gets old and doesn’t lose its charm at any party. But for Halloween, we’ll put a twist on it to make it more exciting. The host will have “bottles” (containing just one shot) of mystery drinks for each round. Players will form the usual circle and spin the bottle. Whoever the bottle lands on must choose either “trick or treat.” “Trick” will be a penalty that will be randomly picked from a bag/box/hat. If the player chooses “treat,” they’ll need to drink the mystery drink in bottle.

Let us know how it goes in case you guys try out any of these fun drinking games. Also, never forget to drink moderately! ^_^