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Finding Ways To Store More Bottles W/ The Revue Series

September 30th, 2021

When it comes to wine bottle storage, we like to stick to the “never say never” motto. Don’t raise your eyebrows just yet, wine cellar fans! We’ll lay down the context for you guys. Basically, it’s all about finding ways to store more wine bottles in your home or stores. So whether you have a formal wine cellar or not, your collection will still have a home:

Finding ways with the Revue SeriesOur clients delivered a fantastic example by finding a cozy, little alcove in their kitchen. It was the perfect spot to house their small collection. They scoured the WCI website and latched onto our wall-mount metal wine racks. The Revue Series caught their fancy and this is where the magic happens. They were able to create storage for twice the number of bottles they owned. The secret? Double-deep wine racks!

Now if this concept is totally new to you, now is the best time to get acquainted with it. A lot of racking series in the WCI catalog carry single, double, and triple deep units. But the wall-mount metal ones from the Revue Series is really one for the books. They come in 3 ft and 4t height configurations which can be conveniently installed in compact spaces. For wall storage, a standard 3 ft unit can hold 9 bottles while a 4 ft one can hold 12. Now keep on mind that this is just in the single depth format. So when you have it in double or triple depth, you’re expanding your storage capacity by a significant amount. In clients’ case, they went for double deep units. That means double the storage, 18 bottles for a 3ft rack and 24 bottles for a 4 ft one.

Ingenious wine bottle storage solutionsThis last photo gives us a good view of the kitchen cabinets, as well as the transformed space. See how the Revue racks fit seamlessly into it. Note that these wall-mount racks normally accommodate label-forward bottle storage. But with a bit of ingenuity, you can also have a cork-forward configuration. It’s all about finding ways that will best work for you: faith, trust, and hey, no need for fairy dust! ^_^