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Technical Tuesday Episode #542: Never Too Small W/Custom Racking

September 20th, 2021

We’ve been binge-watching the Never Too Small series on Youtube and it did not disappoint! The video channel focuses on small footprint design and living. It features award-winning designers and their ingenious projects. Most of these are residential spaces such as micro-apartments and studios. This is certainly right up our alley as WCI caters to all types of wine storage needs. That includes compact wine cellars which have been increasing in demand as of late. Today’s Tech Tuesday is yet another small wine cellar trophy on our plate:

Project # 330526
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 427
Where: Shaker Heights, OH
Stain: Midnight Black

Never too small with custom racking!It is true that creative use of space and clever design concepts can transform the way we live. Applying that to wine cellars, it can shape the way we approach wine collecting. That’s why it is essential to carefully look into your bottle storage needs. How far are you willing to go as a collector? What is the frequency of your wine consumption? What sizes of wine bottles do you have and what else are you planning to acquire? Getting insight into these details will help you to better equip your space.

Beautiful Midnight Black Stain optionNaturally, seeking the guidance of experienced wine cellar consultants will get you there. Our clients worked closely with our team and the result is a dream come true. Custom racking units were chosen to maximize the narrow floor area. Clients had a good number of larger-sized bottles in their collection. That was taken into account during the planning stages of the layout. You can see from the photos below that there are shelves for magnums and other larger-format bottles:

Custom racks and shelvingClients had a growing collection, but they were also big consumers. So our team also recommended some Open Diamond Cubes. These are perfect for bulk bottle storage. Loose wine bottles can be easily stocked and removed for consumption from these racks. Also, thanks to smart design planning, there was even enough room for an archway with tabletop:

Lovely archway w/ tabletopGiving the wine room a seamless appearance was important as well. So crown and base moldings were incorporated to eliminate awkward gaps between the racks and the ceiling and flooring. This made the  compact cellar look tidy and spacious. Indeed, it’s never too small when you use your space creatively! *Cheers*