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Finding Your Wine’s Happy Place W/ Wall-Mount Racks

September 16th, 2021

We’ve said this so many times before and we’ll say it again: You can have wine storage anywhere in your home. You can find your wine’s happy place with the right wine racking units. Our clients did their research well and were very satisfied with the results. These wall-mount metal racks were the perfect solution to their wine storage woes:

Find your wine’s happy place with wall-mount racks!A little background is in order here. Now the clients are not big collectors or anything. They enjoy their wines on a regular basis. So they were not looking into constructing a formal wine cellar. However, they still needed space to store at least a dozen bottles or even a bit more. They decided that the kitchen was the best place to have their wine storage. There was no spare cabinet or pantry to convert into one, so they had to look for another alternative. They found their answer in WCI’s wall-mount wine rack collection. To be more specific, it was the Revue Series that gave the exactly what they needed.

The Revue Series is comprised of several collections that can provide bottle storage for both residential and commercial applications. For smaller projects, the Revue Wall Series and Revue Riddling Series come highly recommended. In clients’ case, they chose these units from the Revue Wall Series. Per the name, the racks can be easily mounted to your walls with minimum hardware required. They are easy to install on almost any surface. That makes them functional and super space-efficient.

Revue Wall SeriesEven if it’s just an empty wall space, clients were able to create a happy place for their wine bottles. That is a huge success on our part for being able to provide them with the right solutions. Note that these wall-mount units also come in double and triple-deep configurations. That means there is still some leg room for more bottles if you need it. Now if you want an edgier look to your bottle storage, check out the Revue Riddling Series. You can even display these racks on your kitchen countertops! ^_^