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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Sustainable Materials For Wine Cellars

September 15th, 2021

We hear and read topics on all media platforms. This is something we cannot ignore. So it pays to do our part. We can start by making smart decisions with our wine cellar projects. And one of the best ways to do is is by choosing sustainable materials.

Sustainable materials for wine cellars!

Eco-friendly wood options…

Let’s kick it off by talking about eco-friendly wood options. A lot of wine cellar projects involve wood materials. If yours is one of them, then it’s highly recommended to go for wood choices that will make Mother Nature happy. One of these is Redwood. Why so? Well, let us tell you that the Redwood you get here at WCI is SFI-certified. What does that mean? Here at WCI, all of our Redwood is purchased under the guidelines of Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The certification provides customers with assurance that the Redwood purchased has been harvested in an environmentally sound manner.

Eco-friendly wood choices

Energy efficient lighting accents…

Lighting accessories play a significant role in wine cellar projects. So it will make a huge difference if you go for energy efficient ones. Here at WCI, we offer LED lighting accents, including  LED Ribbon lighting kits. These are super east to install, apart from being good for the environment. Note that a LED bulb is generally 80%-90% efficient. This means that 80%-90% of the electrical energy is converted to light. So only about 10%-20% is lost as heat. In addition, Carbon Dioxide is produced when electricity is generated. CO2 is a harmful waste product and a major pollutant. But if there is less energy needed by lighting accents, less CO2 will be produced. LED lights are indeed the sustainable way to go!

Sustainable choices w/ water-based stains

Going for water-based stains…

Stains and finishes are the icing on top of a wine cellar project. Your wine racks and other furniture can be transformed into your desired look with the right stains or finishes. But oil-based stains are not exactly the most eco-friendly choice. Thankfully, there are sustainable options like water-based ones. The actual finish is suspended in the water, not “thinned” by it. This allows it to dry quickly and have limited VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Keep in mind that some VOCs are carcinogenic or neurotoxic. Prolonged exposure to VOCs poses dangers to one’s health and the health of our planet. You’re also compromising the health of your wine bottles as well! ^_^