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Technical Tuesday Episode #541: Charm & Elegance In Dark Walnut Stain

September 14th, 2021

What North American wine lover hasn’t heard of the city of Sonoma? It is one of the most historic, if not the most historic city in northern California. It lies in the heart of the renowned Sonoma Valley winemaking region. So it’s not such a big surprise that more and more residents are wanting wine cellars in their homes. We had the opportunity to work with one Sonoma client on theirs. The charm and elegance in this project is something we’re very proud of:

Project # 335500
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 747
Where: Sonoma, CA
Stain: Dark Walnut

Charm & elegance in Dark Walnut stainThis is another small wine cellar project with standout details. The first of those is the custom racking assembly. All the wine racks have been custom fitted to the space. You can see that the cellar is equipped to hold a good number of wine bottles. There is even enough room for an archway with tabletop option. Custom shelves have also been installed on either side of the archway. The overall design is functional and tasteful.

Bold Dark Walnut stain on racksAnother notable detail in this Tech Tuesday is the stain option. It is usually recommended to use light colors on compact spaces. But in this case, the opposite was done. Dark Walnut stain was chosen to   dress up the Premium Redwood wine racks. The bold stain deepened the natural hues of the wood. The result is this arrangement that resonates luxe vibes. Of course, it certainly helps that Premium Redwood is the wood option. One of Premium Redwood’s outstanding features is its ability to absorb almost all types of stains and finishes extremely well. As it is a lighter colored wood, dark stains can really make an impression on it.

Tasteful details & Dark Walnut stain

The last photos below give us the close-up view of the racking assembly. It also shows us one final detail that contributes to the charm and elegance of this project. Check out the lighting accessories on the custom racking. The clients’ collection will be showcased to their full potential once they are stored here. We can also see how the bolder Dark Walnut stain works well with the display lighting. *Cheers*

Custom shelving in Dark Walnut stain