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Wine Cellar Goals Attained With WineMaker Racks

July 29th, 2021

We always look forward to our Testimonial Thursday blogs. The reason? This is where we feature how our clients have attained their wine cellar goals. And we’re talking mostly about DIY projects. These people worked with WCI racking products with the guidance of our design consultants. The results are definitely worth showing off, if we do say so ourselves:

Wine cellar goals attained with WineMaker!Today’s showcase is this absolutely darling wine room by our client Joe. He purchased several units from our WineMaker Series wine rack kits. The wide range of styles offered by the series afforded him so many options. He wisely chose to maximize on bottle storage capacity with the Individual Bottle Columns. The look of satisfaction on the client’s face is definitely the icing on our cake!

Satisfied client equals a happy us!So one thing about our wine rack kits is that they give you lots of opportunities to get creative. WineMaker, in particular, is very versatile with its stackable qualities. Here you can see how client incorporated curved corner units into the racking assembly. It’s a smart way to really utilize the available space by spanning those sharp corners in the room. We also love how they put together the countertops from wine bottle corks. It’s fun and adds tons of character to the wine room. It also works very well with the wood choice for the racks: unstained Rustic Pine:

Wonderful countertops made of wine bottle corksThe last photoset below gives us a great view of the racking layout. The signature shallow-depth configuration of the racks makes those bottles really pop out. But even if the bottle necks do stick out, rest assured they are safe and sound. WineMaker racks are manufactured with straight rails and eased edges. These help keep wine bottles secure even with the narrow depth of the racks. The narrow depth is what makes these racks a highly recommended choice for compact spaces or small wine cellar projects. With their wine cellar goals attained, clients have these wonderful words for WCI:

Clients attained their wine cellar goals with WCI racks!“From the online order to questions with the employees, returns, technical support and customer service, Wine Cellar Innovations has been FANTASTIC!! Every email and/or phone call was answered and my issues (which were not many and very minor) were resolved immediately! I have referred WCI to several family members and friends. I can say nothing but praises about the entire company, quality of the equipment and most importantly, Customer Service!”

~ Joe R.~