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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Putting Together Personalized Wine Gifts

July 21st, 2021

In life, there is always a reason to celebrate. Celebrations will probably be even more meaningful  this year as things are slowly becoming more normal again. So it’s also a the perfect time to think about meaningful gifts for family and friends. We have some wonderful ideas we want to share with our fellow wine lovers. Putting together these personalized wine gifts should be a lot of fun:

Putting together custom wine gifts!

The “loaded” wine basket

Wine baskets are a common gift, for almost any occasion. But there is a way to make them more memorable. We like to call it the “loaded” wine basket because it’s exactly that. Instead of the usual contents, go the extra mile and customize your gift. Throw in some “extras” in the form of personalized wine items. A handmade wine tote can be one of them. Wineglasses with customized designs are another. And instead of buying expensive chocolate or sweet treats, make your own. There are lots of super easy recipes for chocolate and cookies that you can try out.

The custom wine set

There is no set formula for putting together a wine set. Like every gift, the purpose is to make the intended recipient happy. But putting in a little more effort in customizing some of the items will make all the difference. For example, you can have your “giftee’s” initials engraved onto the wine tools, like the wine opener. You can also throw in customized wine bottle tags. A personal favorite of ours is modifying the wine tools carrying case. If it’s made of wood, add some lacquer and/or a unique finish to match the tools. Then, have your giftee’s initials engraved on it.

The wine-inspired care package

Gifts are not just for special occasions. We can also give them to spread the love and help others during difficult times. While we are celebrating better times ahead, let’s also not forget family and friends who need our support. A wine-inspired care package to wine loving family and friends can go a long way. Some great items to include would be wine-infused coffee or dried fruits, jams and jellies, wine scented toiletries, and candles. ^_^