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Technical Tuesday Episode #532: Cutest Wine Storage In Opaque White Stain

July 13th, 2021

Hurray for small wine storage projects! We’ve been getting a ton of them this summer and we are simply thrilled. That means our products are catering to even the most minimum of wine storage needs. Today’s Tech Tuesday is a lovely example. Check out the cutest racking assembly we’ve had for this season:

Project #332774
Wood: WineMaker / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: n/a
Stain: Opaque White

Like they say, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” That applies to wine storage projects as well. Clients did not see the need for a formal wine room in their home. But they did see the need for proper storage for their bottles. They certainly love their wine, even if they are not big into collecting yet. But as consumers, they do accumulate a fair number of bottles. So they latched onto the perfect solution with WCI’s WineMaker Series:
Cutest wine storage in Opaque White StainThe WineMaker Series is comprised of narrow depth wine racks. That makes this series one of the most affordable in the WCI catalog. Manufacturing cost is kept at bay because less material is being used. But quality is not compromised at all. You will find that WineMaker racks are created with excellent craftsmanship involved. Square cut rails keep the bottles secure. The selection of woods include the top choices for custom wine cellars. In other words, these racks are tailor made for compact spaces and/or entry-level wine cellars.

WineMaker in Opaque White StainNow let’s talk about the feature that really stands out here: the stain option. Clients chose the cutest one from the vast selection offered by WCI. Opaque White Stain is a very attractive stain that is not transparent. Unlike Whitewash, you will not be able to see through the grain on the wood. The white color is a beautiful solid finish, as can be seen from the photos. The wine storage stands out, but also enhances the decor in the room. We also like how the bottles seem to pop out of the racks. This is the result of the shallow depth of the WineMaker units. But it’s also emphasized even more thanks to the Opaque White Stain. It may be small, but this racking assembly is definitely memorable! *Cheers*