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Clients Showcase Ingenuity With Pantry Turned Wine Closet

July 1st, 2021

Hey there, wine cellar fans! How are we keeping up with this scorching heat wave? Well, relaxing with a glass of our favorite wine is one way to take our minds off the sweltering season. Our clients certainly came prepared for that. Check out their ingenious pantry turned wine closet with the help of WCI wine racks:

Pantry turned wine closet!So we have here today another wonderful example of how small spaces can have huge potential. Clients have this empty pantry in their dining-kitchen area. While they are definitely wine lovers, they did not envision owning a huge collection just yet. Starting small was the goal and that goal was definitely achieved. You can see how the racking units fit perfectly into that cozy corner. Props to the client for replacing their old pantry door with a glass panel door. It allows for a clear view of the racks and wine bottles. You can even see that glassware storage was incorporated as well. But the best part about using a wine cellar door is that it gives the illusion of an actual wine cellar instead of just a closet.

Wine cellar door in wine closet

So now the question is what kind of wine racks can you utilize to transform these small spaces? WCI can offer you a number of options. The first would naturally be custom wine racking. For a fairly small project, budgeting will be relatively easy. Keep in mind WCI can work with you on wine cellar projects of any size. The racks will be tailored to suit your bottle storage needs and your style Essentially, you’re making the right kind of investment by going custom.

The second alternative would be WCI’s wine rack kits. We have several collections you can choose from: Vintner, WineMaker, and Designer. The affordable price point is one of the most attractive feature. But worry not because quality is not compromised here at all. Plus, you even get custom amenities, such as the ability to select from several wood, stains and finish options. The kits also offer molding packages and other accessories to help give your racking arrangement a professional, seamless look. ^_^

“We converted a pantry into a wine closet. Super easy to install and they look beautiful!”

~Iliana Del V.~