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Technical Tuesday Episode #530: Wine Storage Console W/ Revue Racks

June 29th, 2021

A custom wine storage console is the absolute “in” thing this 2021! The appeal is very understandable. They can be made to suit any space in the home. But they can also be customized to accommodate larger collections in a commercial setup. Today’s Tech Tuesday features a metal x wood combination in a gorgeous glass-encased design:

Project #320049
Series: Custom/Revue Series
Bottle Capacity: 385
Where: N/A

Custom wine storage consoleWe can totally see why clients were so excited to unveil their wine storage console. It was tailored to fit perfectly in the dining area. You can see how seamless the assembly is, particularly between the floor and ceiling. There are no awkward gaps anywhere. Moreover, we like how it serves as a sort of divider, sectioning off the dining room. As can be gleaned from the photos, the bottles are displayed in a beautiful “floating” fashion. This is thanks to the Revue Wall Series:

Wine storage console with Revue SeriesThe Revue Wall Series is composed of wall-mounted wine racks that showcase your bottles in a label-forward manner. The units come in 3-foot and 4-foot options which can be stacked to expand your wine storage. They also come in different depth variations: single, double, and triple deep. This makes it possible to maximize bottle capacity even in a compact space. But while the original design of the racks is for wall-mounting purposes, you can also opt for a floor-to-ceiling layout. This is the configuration that allows for that dramatic, “floating” appearance. This is also the layout that clients chose for their wine storage console:

Beautiful wine storage consoleThere is no big secret to achieving this. All you need to do is purchase a Floor to Ceiling Frame. The frame will make your bottles look like their suspended midair while keeping them completely secure. Note that just like the metal wine racks, the frame also comes in two finishes. Choose from either Silver or Satin Black finish to complete your racking assembly. In clients’ case, they went for the sleek Satin Black Finish. It works well with the glass and wood elements, giving the wine console a bit of a modern touch. *Cheers*


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