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Client Flexes His Gorgeous All-Vintner Wine Cellar

February 25th, 2021

You know what they say, “When you got it, flaunt it.” Just one look at this Testimonial Thursday feature will really make you want to flaunt it! Our client flexes his super stunning wine cellar for all of us to enjoy. The best thing about it? It features nothing less than WCI’s top wine rack kit series: Vintner.

Client flexes his super stunning wine cellar!Who’s going to say that this wine cellar doesn’t cost a small fortune? Us, that’s who! We’re not pulling your leg here, folks. Even with the luxurious details of this project, it didn’t break the client’s budget. It’s all thanks to the Vintner racking units. There was no need for client to go the more expensive custom route. Vintner offers a wide selection of racking styles for both individual and bulk bottle storage. It has further evolved with the addition of the Elite Cabinetry line. Basically, custom styles such as cable racking and steel and rod system are now available in “kits.” But that’s not all. Individual bottle storage also comes in varying designs. Our favorites include the fancy Concave Wine Racks and Wine Bottle Waterfalls.

Awesome LED lighting accessories!Here’s a closer look of the racking arrangement. There’s storage for larger format bottles, as well as wine bins and crates, courtesy of the Rectangular Bins. And check out the striking wine cellar accents! We love the archway and unique wood flooring design. But what’s really eye-catching is the clever use of colorful LED lighting accessories. That’s definitely a satisfying pose client is making as he flexes his wine cellar:

Spacious wine cellar layoutNow if you’re interested in the Vintner Series for your own wine cellar project, it has another feature that will get you totally sold on it. Even if you’re working with “kits” you actually get amazing customization options for your woods and stains. Vintner allows you to select from the top four wood choices for custom wine cellars. In client’s case, they went with unstained Premium Redwood. As for the stains and finishes, Vintner gives you access to everything! That includes our newest stain offerings like Graywash and Mocha Stain. ^_^

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