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Making Small Spaces Count With WCI’s Wine Rack Kits

January 28th, 2021

If ever there was a right time to start on a wine cellar project, that time is now. With the pandemic still hampering mobility, focusing on something productive like this is very commendable. It’s time to check out those unused spaces in your home. Take a leaf out of our client, Robert:

Making small spaces count with wine rack kitd!Making small spaces count is actually easier and more affordable than you think. Client’s cool wine storage was completed within budget and in a DIY fashion to boot. The secret? Wine rack kits! Our healthy selection provide the perfect solution for compact wine storage. There are several collections to choose from, depending on your needs and style preference. The Vintner and Designer series are both full depth modular systems. WineMaker, on the other hand, features our highly popular shallow-depth racking collection. Since these are “kits,” the prices are really easy on the budget. This is important particularly for those who are reluctant to spend a lot of money on a small project. But just because it’s more affordable, that doesn’t mean quality is being sacrificed in any way.

In this Testimonial Thursday feature, our client purchased some of our Vintner wine racks for his personal collection. Note that these are not custom units. But client was able to work with the flexible configurations to outfit the otherwise wasted corner of his home. Vintner wine racks come in 3-feet and 4-feet height options. These can be conveniently stacked to accommodate just about any ceiling height. Moreover, you can add “extras” to extend the racking height further and give your units a seamless look. These include crown and base moldings as well as center seam trim. Of course, you also have a wide range of wood, stain and finish options to choose from. This gives you so much design opportunities with your wine cellar. Our client Robert went with a Grand Mahogany wood with Classic Mahogany stain combo. This worked really well with the flooring of his home. Such amenities are usually only available with custom wine racks. But thanks to these kits, clients can count on achieving their wine cellar goals at a budget they are comfortable with. ^_^

“Wine racks are awesome!”
~Robert T.~

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