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Technical Tuesday Episode #509: The Prowess of Vintner Racks

January 26th, 2021

Tech Tuesday greetings, fellow wine cellar fans! What better way for us to start the week than with some positive vibes? For us, it’s all about these amazing projects that both our team and clients work hard on. You read that right! We provide the products and services. But it’s the input and cooperation of our clients that really bring in the best results. Today, we’re proud to showcase the prowess of our wine rack kits – our Vintner Series to be more specific:

Project # 320519
Wood: Custom/ Vintner / Allheart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 3548
Where: Santa Fe, NM
Stain: Unstained

The prowess of Vintner wine racks!A spacious and clean layout is certainly nothing to complain about, don’t you agree? We feel that this wine cellar design is so solid both in function and form. The racking assembly can accommodate a very generous number of bottles – well over the 3,000 mark. Not only that, there is also really good variety when it comes to bottle storage. These photos clearly show that:

Amazing bottle storage varietyThe mix of individual and bulk bottle storage options can be seen all throughout the entire racking layout. We like how the Open Diamond Bins and Rectangular Shelves were interspersed into the Individual Bottle Columns. Also check out the Magnum Wine Bottle racks on the far left, right above the Rectangular Shelves. The Vintner prowess in allowing for so much bottle storage variety is indeed praiseworthy.

Clean lines with unstained Premium RedwoodNow what do you guys think about the color scheme for this wine room? The clients wanted to go the simple route. So our design team kept it clean and classic with unstained Premium Redwood as the wood option. Personally, we feel that this formula just works every time. You can’t go wrong with unstained Premium Redwood since it works with just about anything. The natural pinkish gold hues of the wood showcase the uniform grain pattern nicely. We’re a fan of light-colored wine racks as well, so this definitely checks the box. Notice that the racking arrangement provides a ton of counter space. Clients will be able to do drink preps and even hold intimate tasting parties inside this wine cellar. That’s such an ideal setup especially since we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. Needless to say, the Vintner Series really delivered with this project! *Cheers*


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