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Level Up Your Wine Cellar With Captivating Entryways

January 14th, 2021

When planning your wine cellar construction budget, make sure you have all the bases covered. That includes going over your choices for your entryways. Some think that it’s “just a wine cellar door,” but you will be surprised at the functionality and aesthetic value it offers. It’s time to level up your wine cellar with captivating entryways! Our clients from Encinitas, CA show us how it’s done:

Captivating wine cellar entryways!The intricate details of this wine cellar door is really eye-catching. This is a customized wrought-iron door that was meticulously hand forged by our artisans. There is much to be said about this type of wine cellar entryway. Firstly, it lends so much character to the wine cellar. Even if you have a compact space, you can still do something special with it, just like our clients. This type of door gives a captivating aura to the wine room. WCI has a selection these wrought-iron doors and gate, but you can have yours modified according to your preference. Clients here went for a Premium Redwood fram for their door with a beautiful Dark Walnut Stain.

Secondly, these doors are sturdy and easy-to-maintain. Note that iron is resistant to shifting climatic conditions. Premium Redwood that makes up the door frame is one of the most sustainable wood options out there. The combo is a killer in terms of durability. Thirdly, these doors actually help with insulation of your wine cellar. WCI doors have an R-5 insulation value and thick tempered panes. What does this mean for you? It simply means that it’s easier to maintain ideal storage conditions in your wine cellar. Quality entryways will lessen the burden on wine cellar cooling units in maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels.

Wine cellar door matched the wine racksThere is a wide variety of designs and styles that WCI offers with these wine cellar doors. We have standard designs that are available with only a 4-week lead time. We also have those crafted from purely wood material. Basically, clients have a plethora of choices, from glass-enclosed creations, etched or painted glass, and other decorative applications. It pays to carefully consider the kind of wine cellar door you’ll purchase and to budget for it. Just keep in mind that WCI is here to make things convenient and affordable for you. Chat with our design consultants today and let’s level up your wine cellar together! ^_^

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