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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wine Inspired Holiday Shopping Guide

November 25th, 2020

Feeling the stress of holiday shopping slowly gnawing at you? Don’t let that ruin the fun! We can still celebrate the most wonderful time of the year safely and stress-free. We’ve come up with some cool, wine inspired holiday shopping guides for you. We actually put put a previous one last blog, so you can check that out as well.

Wine inspired gifts like these cabinetry accents

Custom cabinetry accents

First up is something that both wine lovers and non-wine lovers will love. Did you know that WCI carries an extensive line of gorgeous cabinetry accents?  If you want to give your new or existing cabinetry or shelving a truly custom look, this will definitely do the trick. Our cabinet hardware and wine drawer pulls come in a variety of beautiful designs. We especially love the Antique Grape Clusters and the E Series knobs and pulls. The best thing about these accents is that your “giftee” can use in it any of their cabinets and shelves at home!

Vino Pins and Rails

Vino Pins and Rails

The Vintage View Series is one of the pioneers of meta wine racking here at WCI. This collection of wall-mounted wine racks has evolved so much in the last few years. The latest addition are the Vino Pins and Rails. These wonderful bottle supports are perfect for both large and compact spaces. You can mount them literally anywhere! Their size, price and design make for one of the most unique wine inspired holiday gifts ever. The metal bottle supports come in different stunning finishes such as  Gunmetal, Golden Bronze, and Gloss Black. But you can also get the pins in gorgeous Acrylic material!

Oasis Plus cigar humidifier

Oasis Plus for the wine and cigar lover

Do you have a wine and cigar lover on your holiday gift list? Then here’s something to really end their year on a high note: the Cigar Oasis PLUS 3.0! This wonderful product is the most powerful active humidifier in its size. You will note that the compact design is perfect for small cabinets, end tables, and coffee table humidors. Two of the standout features of this product are the built-in system and built-in Smart Humidor Wi-Fi. The built-in system accurately monitors the humidity and uses a quiet fan to circulate the air in the humidor. This helps eliminate those “musty” odors so common in well-sealed humidors.

Need more wine inspired gift ideas to round up your holiday shopping list? Check out our full gift guide on the WCI website! ^_^

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