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Simple Yet Stunning Silhouettes With Revue Racks

November 12th, 2020

The Revue wine racks are on a roll! We love how our clients enjoy creating simple yet stunning silhouettes with them. Today’s Testimonial Thursday adds another one on the list. This beautiful glass-enclosed wine storage is a work of art and we are excited to share the details:

Stunning wall-mount Revue racks Our clients from Cleveland were not looking for a formal wine cellar for their small collection. They wanted a simple yet space-efficient wine storage in their kitchen/dining area. When they stumbled upon the Revue Series, they struck gold. These wall-mount units allowed for so much creative freedom, even with small spaces. Indeed, the racks provide for visual delight by showing off your collection in a show-stopping way. You will notice that the bottles are displayed in a label-forward fashion. This makes it convenient when organizing your bottles, especially for bigger wine cellars.

Simple yet eye-catching arrangement on the Revue racksNow how do these racks measure up in terms of ease of installation and assembly? You will be delighted to learn that it rates a full five stars! You can get the units in 3-foot and 4-foot height configurations. This makes it easy to stack and combine them into different racking arrangements. The 3-foot rack can hold a maximum of bottles in single depth format. The 4-foot one can store up to 12 bottles. But take note that these Revue racks come in single, double, and triple deep configurations. Purchasing in double, or triple depth will expand your metal wine storage considerably. It’s the perfect storage solution especially for smaller spaces.

Last but not the least, you definitely won’t cramp your style with the Revue racks. Just look at how elegant our clients’ set-up turned out! The units come in two finish options: satin black or silver metal. The finishes will work with any decor or theme, so you won’t have to worry about anything style-wise. Want more design inspirations using these wall-mount beauties? Explore our photo gallery for more examples! ^_^



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