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The Revue Wine Racks Make A Stellar Comeback

October 14th, 2020

This month, the Revue Series makes a stellar comeback in our client’s completed wine room. Marluce was thrilled with the results and we can’t blame her. The client’s racking arrangement looks so clean, open and modern. Moreover, they have tons of wine bottle storage to grow their collection for the next couple of years. Check out this stunning set-up:

Stellar details on the Revue racks

Revue Series

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Revue Series yet, now’s the best time to get acquainted. The collection features these wall-mount racking units that are second to none when it comes to space-efficiency. Each rack is able to hold 12 bottles in the single depth format. But it also comes in double-deep and triple-deep configurations.

Purchasing in double, or triple depth will expand your metal wine storage considerably. The racks come in 3-foot and 4-foot heights which can be easily stacked to create generous bottle storage. This is exactly what our client did in their wine room.

Revue Series makes a stellar comeback!Functionality notwithstanding, the Revue wine racks are also a visual delight. They come in satin black or silver metal finish to give your wine cellar that sleek, contemporary appeal. The material and design of the racks work so well with almost anything. See how the units in black metal finish stand out so well agains the wood panelled walls. Also notice that the bottles are stored in a label-forward manner. This is quite beneficial because it makes for easier organization. Plus, for those with large collections, you won’t need to do a treasure hunt to find the labels you want.

Now here are two additional fun facts about these Revue wine racks that really make them so stellar. One, these racks are 100% homegrown – made in the good, old US of A. That’s why it can’t be beat in terms of quality. Two, there is this teeny but essential detail on the racks: they were crafted to be angled towards the wall for earthquake resistance. Your bottles are not only showcased in style, but kept secure at all times as well!

“The wine racks are awesome. The sales person who helped me out was really helpful. Thanks!”

~ Marluce G.~

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