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Add A Little Drama With Waterfall Wine Racks

September 3rd, 2020

You’d be surprised at how the options vary  when it comes to wine racks. Not only can you choose from different materials, but there is also a plethora of styles available. That’s why even when it’s a compact wine cellar project, you can still do so much with it. Case in point: our client from Burlington, NY, and their lovely little creation. They transformed a small space and added a little drama with some waterfall wine racks:

Add drama with waterfall wine displays!


The rustic charm of this wine room is very inviting. It’s elegant and warm at the same time. We give credits to the clever use of earthy tones, such as the Dark Walnut Stain on the wine racks. Since this was a smallish project, the clients wanted to create as much bottle storage space as possible. However, they also wanted to give some flair to the racking arrangement. The Vintner Series provided all the solutions they needed!

Vintner offers such an amazing selection of racking styles for just a wine rack “kit.” You can do so much with the individual and bulk bottle storage options it’s sometimes surprising that it’s not a custom job. Lots of WCI clients use either entirely Vintner racks in their projects, or in combination with custom units. The more affordable price point of Vintner makes it such a joy to work with!

Dark Walnut Stain on waterfall wine racksHere is a terrific shot of the completed racking assembly. It incorporates Vintner’s Archway with Tabletop option, Open Diamond Bins, Curved Corner Racks, and standard Individual Bottle Columns. But the clients wanted a bit more flair and decided to throw in some Waterfall Wine Racks as well. This was definitely a good move! Look at how the cascading lines of the racks give more character to the arrangement.

When those rack will be filled, the wine bottles will be very eye-catching. The waterfall display is indeed the perfect showcase for those prized wine bottles one would like to show off. Note that this option is compatible with the Vintner 5 column individual rack. You can also combine the waterfall units to create a larger, more impressive cascade. For those with more space, you can have the waterfall display come out from a wall to the center of a room. This will be an really fancy touch that’s sure to make a memorable visual impact!  ^_^