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Technical Tuesday Episode #490: Gaga Over Graywash Stain

September 1st, 2020

Want to know why lots of people are going “gaga” over Graywash stain? We can definitely give you a number of reasons. Lucky for us, we also have this classy Tech Tuesday project to serve as an example:

Project # 325574
Wood: Custom / Vintage View / Allheart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 810
Where: Marietta, GA

Vintage View wall-mount units

Easily Install Your Racks

First things first – let’s go over the details of this wine storage. It’s actually a combination of metal and wood racking units. We used some Vintage View wine racks in order to maximize the available wall space. Since the racks are wall-mounted, it was easy to install and offered amole bottle storage to boot.  Note that here at Wine Cellar Innovations, we have an assortment of wall-mount wine racks you can choose from. Some of our newest and popular collections include the Revue Series, Ultra Wine Racks, and the very versatile WineZone Wine Shelf system.

Going gaga over Graywash!Now let’s move on to this beautiful custom shelving. As you can see, this was specially designed to accommodate bulk bottle storage. But the countertop was also made to be wide enough to serve as prep space or display other wine accessories. So even if this is just a wine storage and not a formal wine cellar, it is wonderfully multi-functional.

So let’s go more into the details of the shelving . The wood choice is All-Heart Redwood and the clients went with the Graywash stain option. As we mentioned earlier, Graywash is a super popular stain, particularly with homeowners. WCI has included this stain in our stains and finishes repertoire just a few years ago. It has been carefully tested over several months to achieve a look that is both traditional and modern. It is actually a semi-transparent stain, very much like our Whitewash option. You will notice that there is no texture that comes through. Instead, the stained wood showcases a smooth finish while showing the beauty of the grain pattern underneath.

The old country feel of Graywash combined with the clean, monochrome shades on the wood is just stunning. No wonder everyone is going gaga over Graywash! *Cheers*