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Accents To Jazz Up Your Wine Cellar Project

August 27th, 2020

The racking assembly is not the “end-all and be-all” in a wine cellar project. There are other elements that can jazz up the look of your wine storage. Our clients incorporated some special touches in their wine cellar and we love the final product. What’s more, you can easily shop for these accents straight off our website. So let’s go ahead and check out these eye-catching details:

Clients jazz up their wine cellar with awesome accents!You can tell by their happy expressions that the clients are totally loving their completed wine room. The wine racks look really classy and you can see that there are no awkward gaps anywhere. Props to the crown and base moldings and center seam trim for making everything come together so seamlessly. Moldings, center seam trim, and base platforms are some of the best ways you can achieve a clean and very professional looking layout. Here are at WCI, we offer custom moldings, as well as molding packages with our wine rack kits.

Jazz it up with glass etchings  Now let’s move on to this beautiful wine cellar door. Our clients purchased the Saxony Etch from our standard wine cellar door collection. The Saxony Etch shows off an elegant flowering grape design that trails in the top right corner and bottom left corner. It is sandblasted on to the thermopane glass. This lends itself to seeing the wine cellar through the middle of the glass. The addition of glass etchings adds more character to the wine cellar entryway.

Molding and center seam trim Speaking of character, clients really did their homework with this project. In order to jazz up their wine room, they also took to adding some lighting accessories. It gave the wine cellar a fancy touch without overwhelming the “elegant” theme. Note that you can achieve something like this with the use of LED lighting accessories. You can also opt to utilize fluorescent slimlites. These are perfect for highlighting wine bottles in display shelves.

Jazz it up with lighting accessories

Last but not the least, check out the unique piece of wine cellar art clients put in the archway. WCI has a bevy of wine cellar art collections you can select from. But what’s even better is that you can have one entirely custom made as well. We even do on-site paintings/murals in accordance with public health guidelines. You can get in touch with us today to know more about your options! ^_^

“I just finished the wine cellar and began stocking it. I love it!!!”

~Sean W.~

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