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Technical Tuesday Episode #488: Get Bold & Beautiful With Midnight Black Stain

August 18th, 2020

What is your wine cellar style? Are you the traditional type who prefers timeless elegance? Or do you enjoy the modern look with sleek lines and minimalist charm? Whatever your preference may be, rest assured that WCI can deliver. Thanks to the variety of products and professional services, WCI is able to meet both the client’s needs and wants. In today’s Tech Tuesday, our clients wanted to get bold and beautiful in their wine cellar:

Project # 315440
Wood: Custom / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 587
Where: Atlanta, GA

Bold & beautiful with Midnight Black StainOur clients had this sweet little space which was perfect for a small wine storage. They went full-on custom with their racking units.  As a result, this compact closet was maximized down to the last square inch of space. There was even enough room to put in a variety of racking styles. See how the layout includes Individual Bottle Columns, High Reveal Displays, and Open Diamond Cubes. It doesn’t even look like a small space at all! This wine storage can proudly host to just a little under 600 bottles. There’s even some storage for magnums and larger-format bottles:

Compact yet spaciousHere we have photos of the wine racks in all their bold and beautiful glory. The wood option for this project is Premium Redwood. The clients wanted the racks to make a statement without taking away the “elegance” factor. So both the clients and our design team decided on dressing up the racks i Midnight Black Stain. The result was truly satisfying! Premium Redwood is a light-colored wood when unstained and adapts to stains and finishes very well. With a dark-colored option like Midnight Black Stain, the racking units look more structured. You can really see the seamless lines on the racks that illustrate the fine craftsmanship.

Bold & beautiful colors on the racksNow how would you know which stain or finish option would give you the results you want? It can indeed be a bit of a dilemma, especially if you’re a total newbie to wine cellar construction. That’s why we highly recommend a consultation with our experienced wine cellar design professionals. But that’s not all that we have to offer! We also have an Interactive Swatch Viewer that can provide you with previews on different wood x stain/finish combos. *Cheers*