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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Game Day Wine Pairings!

August 5th, 2020

Excited for game day? Like they say, what can be better than enjoying a good game of football? How about enjoying a good game of football with your favorite bottle of wine! We guarantee double the fun and it’s a win-win situation to boot. Here are some game day wine pairings you guys have to try out:

Game day wine pairings

credits by: Joseph O’Connell

Spice it up with Riesling and wings

What’s a football game without some spicy chicken wings? It’s certainly high on our list of finger food faves. The question is what wine can you pair it up with to soothe the spiciness. Our suggestion? A bottle of good old Riesling! Riesling can mellow the spicy sting with some juicy sweetness. The refreshing sweet tones will make you want to come back to the heat. The big problem is this: how to stop wanting more wings and topping up your glass!

Grilling with Cabernet Sauvignon

credits by: brett jordan

Grilling with Cabernet Sauvignon

Now if you’re thinking of firing up the grill and grilling up some ground chuck, you’ll need something “big” to wash that down as well. For burgers and steaks, full-bodied reds are the best companions. There are lots to choose from, obviously, so make sure you choose well. Black cherry, tobacco leaf, pepper and spice are some of the flavors you’d want to taste in your reds for game day. We assure you, you won’t be asking for beer the next grill and game day comes along.

Grazing boards and Labrusso for game day

credits by: DocteurCosmos

Grazing board and Lambrusco
Grazing boards are all the rage – but play it safe, of course. A small group with your family and close friends to cheer on (or fight over) your favorite teams is the way to go. Prep your grazing board with all the good stuff – cold cuts, cheeses, fruit, chocolate, cookies, and more. Worried if you can find the right wine to pair with the various taste teasers? Don’t fret because you can count on a bottle of Lambrusco to do the job. This sparkling red wine with its crisp, fruity flavors goes with just about any food choice you will put out.

Do you have more game day wine pairings to share? We’d love to hear them in the comments section below! ^_^




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