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Client Lauds Perfect Design & Fit Of Custom Wine Cellar

July 30th, 2020

Small spaces may present a challenge when it comes to wine storage. But if you work with the right people and products, it’s actually a very fulfilling project. Our client Philip really enjoyed his WCI experience. Our team was able provide him with the racking layout he both needed and wanted for his collection. It’s inspiring in a lot of ways, given the perfect fit and design:

Perfect design & fit on the wine racksThe first thing we should note with this wine cellar is that the client didn’t pull any punches with the materials and design. He chose to go with custom racking units, all in the Grand Mahogany wood option. It’s a wise move, seeing that this is a compact sized project. With the custom racks, bottle storage capacity has really been maximized. But this was done without sacrificing the client’s preferred design as well.

We especially love how the curved corner racks hug the room’s sharp corners while still offering more bottle storage. Also notice that there is even enough leg room to fit an archway with tabletop option. Just below the tabletop, you also get even more storage with the rectangular shelves. You can see from the photo how the client utilized the shelves not just for wine bottles and boxes. Indeed, this wine room has so much to offer, you’ll forget it’s actually “small.”

As earlier mentioned, the wood option for this project is Grand Mahogany. Grand Mahogany is a top tier product and a favorite of furniture makers. It is actually a plantation grown hardwood and is quite well know for its eye-catching appearance. The wood boasts of a uniform color, with a few slight variations ranging from medium to pale pink. It has a moderately coarse grain pattern, straight for the most part and slightly interlocked in some cases. Grand Mahogany easily matches up to Sapele, Hard Cherry, and Maple when it comes to stability and durability. Admittedly, these outstanding characteristics are reflected in the cost of the wood. Nonetheless, it definitely worth it and our client can attest to that! ^_^

“My cellar is small – 6 x 4 but the design and fit was perfect! I could not be happier with the whole process from beginning to end!”

~Philip S.~

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