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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wine Picks For Summer Picnics

July 22nd, 2020

The summer vibes is in full swing! It’s time to go outside and soak in that sun as much as you can. The great thing about the outdoors life is that you don’t need to go that far to enjoy it. Whether it’s in your backyard or the local park or the mountains or beach, the fun factor is always there. And of course, what will the outdoors life be without picnics! Forget the overcrowded tourist spots and enjoy the good life with these wine picks for your summer picnics:

Wine picks for summer picnics

Credits to: Brett Jordan

Crisp & delicious whites…

Dry and crisp herbal wines really bring out the summer flavors. They work so well with just about any kind of food. That’s why they’re top on the list of wines that you should consider for your summer picnic outings. We also love some Chenin Blanc, and good, old Pinot Grigio. They are bright, acidic, and chock full of citrus flavors. If you’re planning on a barbecue picnic, these lighter white wines will be refreshing on the palate.

Light bodied reds for summer picnics

Credits to: Marco Verch

Light bodied & tasty reds…

One of the unwritten rules about picnic wines is that you should not let these overpower your food. Pick wines that will enhance your food choices and make the gastronomic experience even more enjoyable. We recommend leaning towards wines that are not heavy or brooding, but lighter and with less alcohol. At the top of our list would be Pinot Noir, Gamay and Beaujolais. These light-bodied red wines are perfect with charcuterie – think if those grazing boards – and cold cuts. Keep in mind, though, that these wines won’t taste good if they get too warm. Make sure you put then in the cooler. Allow the bottles to sit for about ten minutes after taking them out before pouring.

Floral Rosé or blush wines…

If some of the people in your picnic group aren’t heavy or even regular drinkers, you’ll need to pull out a versatile wine out of your hat (or cooler!). Rosé or blush wines with light, almost floral flavors are a smart choice. That’s because they are very versatile and will be perfect for those who aren’t really into the wine drinking activity. We recommend serving Rosé wines chilled, just like your whites. These lightly acidic wines feature light but delicious fruit flavors pair so well with cheese and crackers, seafood, and salads. ^_^

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