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Technical Tuesday Episode #434: Wine Cellar Closet Transformation

July 21st, 2020
Even when things have drastically changed in the last few months, we can still be productive. Productivity will give us a sense of achievement, something that is sorely needed in these difficult times. For wine lovers, what better way to do this than getting that wine cellar project done! Take a little inspiration from today’s Tech Tuesday feature. This wine cellar closet transformation has everything you need: function, design, and space-efficiency:

Name: James Hahn
Project # 324706
Wood: Custom / Vintner / DKS / Premium Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 482
Where: Hebron, KY

Wine cellar closet transformationWe’ve been talking about small wine cellar concepts in our last few blog posts. That’s because more and more clients have been inclined to build compact wine storage than a full blown wine cellar. Lack of space and budget concerns are usually the top reasons. So if you’re one of those who feels like there’s not enough space in your home for a formal wine cellar, this is the perfect alternative. You can create beautiful wine storage even in the most unlikely places in your home. Think of those empty stretches of walls, unused broom, coat, or shoe closets, pantries – spaces you may have thought don’t serve any real purpose. These can be transformed into suitable storage for your collection. You will be wonderfully surprised at how many bottles you can actually fit into them! Space-efficient and unique closet transformationThis ingenious wine cellar closet transformation is a small space packed with huge features. First up is the racking units. Our team combined custom wine racking with pieces from the Vintner and Designer Series wine rack kits. This made everything so much more affordable, thanks to the kits. Nonetheless, the quality is not affected, and neither is the consistency of the design. That’s because our “kits” also give you lots of options that are almost as good as customizing your wine racks.

Premium Redwood in Midnight Black Stain for this wine cellar closetHere is a closer look at the racking assembly. Notice how clean everything is, with no awkward gaps anywhere. To augment the uniform look of the racks, our design team used a stunning Midnight Black Stain option. The dark colored stain really brings out the beautiful grain patterns of the wood of choice: Premium Redwood. As far as wine cellar closet transformations go, this one checks off all the boxes. So why not get started on yours as well – get in touch with our experienced design professionals ASAP! *Cheers*



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