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Acrylic Wine Racks Bring Whimsical Wine Cellar Details

July 9th, 2020

Never be afraid to explore your design options with your wine cellar projects. Remember that these are modern times with tons of options to play around with. Our client DreamBuilt Homes was definitely thinking out of the box when they asked our team to design the following wine cellar for one of their homes:

Whimsical details with Acrylic Bottle SupportsDreamBuilt Homes (Dreambuilt LLC) is a design/build firm established at Lake Oconee in 1999. The company specializes in custom home building and light commercial construction. Because they strive to make each home truly unique, they take into account the sections that can really boost that “wow” factor. So for this particular project, they worked closely with our team to come up with the whimsical detailing on the wine cellar.

Floating wine bottles with the Modern Wine Cellar seriesIf these photos can send us swooning, just imagine how the racking set-up looks in person! Also, just imagine how this wine cellar will look when it’s all filled up. If you’re wondering what Dumbledore’s (the wine loving wizard that he is!) wine cellar might have looked like in Harry Potter, THIS might answer that question ^_^. And the secret to achieving this whimsical, “floating” appearance is none other than our Acrylic Bottle Supports.

Whimsical yet functional wine racksThese Acrylic Bottle Supports are one of the available options in our Modern Wine Cellar series. If you haven’t heard of this yet, then you’re in for a treat! Wine Cellar Innovations launched this series after observing the growing trend towards more contemporary wine cellar designs. The series was carefully developed in order to appeal to the most discerning wine collector. The original design involves wood bottle supports. These are installed within platforms, ranging from the ceiling to the floor. The design for this project also reflects the cable racking system that WCI introduced just a few years back. It’s a minimalist but unique way to showcase your collection!

We decided to bring it up a notch by offering the bottle supports in acrylic. Since acrylic is almost as transparent as glass, the effect is even more dramatic. The contemporary vibe is even more enhanced in this project with the use of black metal trim along with acrylic and glass. You might also be wondering how the client can reach the bottles given the insane floor-to-ceiling height of the racking assembly. Surprise, surprise! There’s actually an elevator at the bottom that allows the client to reach up to the highest bottle level. Now here’s a fun tip: try using mirrors in your wine cellar with these Acrylic Bottle Supports. Contact one of our experienced design consultants today and get started on those whimsical details! ^_^

Super stunning Acrylic Bottle Supports

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