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Technical Tuesday Episode #431: Expansive Bottle Capacity With Custom Racking

June 30th, 2020

For a wine lover, tons of bottle storage space is definitely a dream. So why not turn that dream into a reality? Our client certainly did by working with our professional wine cellar design consultants. The expansive bottle capacity of today’s Tech Tuesday highlight is quite impressive. Let’s check out the details:

Project # 297262
Wood: Custom / All-heart Redwood
Bottle Capacity: 2484
Where: Duluth, GA

Expansive bottle storage capacitySimple yet bold lines are the defining features of this project. The racking units are all custom-made to ensure that the space is maximized. That’s why this wine cellar can accommodate nearly 2500 bottles. Since an expansive bottle capacity was the primary goal, our design team prioritized the use of individual bottle columns. This is the most popular type of racking because it’s space-efficient and easy to combine with other styles:

Individual bottle columnsOwing to the generous floor area, our team was able to incorporate other elements that contributed to the seamless flow of the racking assembly. You can see from the photos below how accents were worked into the layout to give it a really elegant silhouette. The tasting center with Open Diamons Bins below is one of these. Full height Quarter Round Shelves helped soften the sharp lines and angles of the wine racks. Also, since the racks are stained with Dark Walnut stain option, the lighting accessories balanced out the bold colors. The symmetry in this entire project is indeed quite beautiful!

Beautiful accents on the racking layoutHere are more photos of the wine racks up close. Notice how there are no awkward gaps at all between the different racking styles used. You will also see none of that between the racks and the ceiling and flooring. The thing with custom wine racks is that you can make them fit any space you want without any compromises. You can get the bottle storage capacity you need, together with the design you want. Putting it another way, you won’t have to compromise between your wine cellar “needs” and “wants” because you can have them all. If budget comes into the picture, that’s also not an issue. Our team can work with your budget and STILL make your wine cellar dreams a reality. *Cheers*

Quarter Round Shelves in full height

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