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Wine Cellar Innovations: Hosting A Fun Summer Wine Party

June 17th, 2020

“It’s not the best time for a summer party,” some may say – and we agree with that! The health risk is still real to everyone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun this summer. The word “party” shouldn’t just be interpreted to mean a big crowd. You can still have awesome summer gatherings sans the risk. In fact, intimate summer wine parties can bring the best memories of the season. Get together with family and closest friends and start hosting one with these fab ideas:

Ideas for hosting a summer wine party

Travel the world with wine!

Obviously, international travel will be quite a stretch this year. Nonetheless, you can still bring the flavors of your favorite countries to your home. A super fun idea would be to ask each of your guests to bring a bottle of wine. But not just any wine! It should be a bottle from their favorite or dream summer vacation destination. Then each guest can share stories or better yet, show photos of must-see spots from that vacation destination.

Set the theme when hosting your summer wine party

Set a theme to set the mood!

There are so many places we are missing out on due to the pandemic. Perhaps we may be able to visit some of them, but the vibe will be quite different with the “new normal.” So why recreate that theme when you’re hosting your summer wine party. For example, you can go with a beach or island theme. Research the drinks and food that will best set the mood. Ask your guests to come in beach or island attire. If you don’t have a pool, go ahead and do inflatable ones! You can actually find some pretty sizeable ones that can fit more than ten people. Set two or three up and with five to a makeshift pool and have a blast!

Don’t forget the wine games!

What’s a wine party without wine games? The great thing about hosting smaller gatherings is that you can really plan things out. That, of course, includes the party games. Guessing games are one of the most popular ones. But you can add some twist to that to make it even more interesting. For example, you can lay out some cheeses and appetizers. Then, your guests will have to match unnamed wines for the best wine and food pairing. ^_^




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