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Client Showcases DIY With The WineMaker Series

June 11th, 2020

DIY wine storage projects really bring out the creativity in our clients. Every Thursday, we look forward to the unique arrangements our clients come up with. It’s both inspiring and heartwarming to see how they worked with our products. For today’s Testimonial Thursday, our client Kim showcases this beautiful racking assembly using our WineMaker Series:

Client showcases DIY with WineMaker racksThis project did not utilize custom racking, but look at how the wine storage has been seamlessly built into the wall. You’d think that something like this could only be achieved with custom units and with professional assistance. But our client completed everything in proud DIY fashion. Not only that, they made use of our wine rack “kits,” specifically, the WineMaker Series.

The WineMaker Series is one of our most popular kits because it combines function and cost-efficiency. It is comprised of shallow depth wine racks that provide bottle storage solutions for projects of any size. Despite the shorter depth, there is no compromise when it come to security of the bottles. But thanks to this configuration, the racks can fir comfortably into tight spaces. That’s why WineMaker comes highly recommended for entry-level or small wine cellar projects, like closet or under stairwell transformations.

Owing to the shallow depth of the racks, WineMaker is also one of the most affordable racking around. It’s quality sans the expensive price tag! Clients also love the fact that they are also offered “customization” options. Indeed, you can select your wood type from either Premium Redwood or Rustic Pine. You also have a generous selection of stains and finishes to play with, including lacquer. Client in this case went with Rustic Pine with a bold Dark Walnut Stain. Moreover, just like the Vintner Series, you have flexibility in the height configurations. WineMaker is offered in 3-foot and 4-foot height options that you can conveniently rack and stack. That’s why our client is able to create this DIY arrangement with no awkward gaps between the racking and flooring. We also give a thumbs-up to the woodworking accents client threw in for added flair. ^_^

“I designed it myself and added some additional woodwork to the project.”

~Kim F.~

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