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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Wine Inspired Gifts For June Weddings

June 10th, 2020

Pandemic or no pandemic, June is the favorite month of tying the knot. June weddings are really popular and that presents a bit of a challenge. Shopping for wedding gifts can be a hassle, especially when products tend to go out of stock. So shopping ahead of time and doing it online will save you a ton of stress. That’s put together a list of wine inspired wedding gifts you can check out:Wine purifier for June weddings

Stylish Wine Purifier

First up is this stylish wine purifier from Üllo. The simple yet sleek design is attractive and definitely worth the price. The purifier improves the taste of wine by removing sulfites via Selective Sulfite Capture technology. It also separates out sediment so the newlyweds can enjoy their favorite wine bottle with every glass. To purify wine simply place the aerator on top of a wine glass or carafe and pour through. This unit also features a display base that captures drips and stores neatly. Check the availability of this product at your local Crate & Barrel.

Wine Cork Maps for June weddings

Mr. & Mrs. Wine Cork Map

Wine and travel – what newlywed wouldn’t like that?     This Mr. & Mrs. Wine Cork Map puts those two activities together in one perfect present. What better way to celebrate a beautiful pairing of two people than this unique gift. Newlyweds will have tons of fun preserving memories with these handsome wine cork / beer cap maps. The product comes pre-drilled with holes for easy wall mounting with finishing nails. Head on over to the Home Wet Bar to check this product out.

Photo engraved wood box for June weddings

Photo Engraved Wood Box

We are loving this classy Photo Engraved Wood Box we came across at Personal Wine. You can have the box personalized with the couples photo, names and wedding date engraved on it. Then you can work on customizing the contents as well. We recommend putting in wine bottles for the couple to drink on anniversary milestones. If you’re doing just one wine bottle, you can also throw in some beautiful glassware. Once the contents are removed, the box can be used by the newlyweds to store mementos as well. It’s definitely a wedding gift will be enjoyed for years!

Do you have more wine inspired gifts to share for our June wedding celebrations? We’d love for you you to share those with us! ^_^



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