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Technical Tuesday Episode #428: How To Work With Vintage View Racks

June 8th, 2020

Wood or metal wine racks – which one would suit you best? It’s not a competition, obviously, but more of a preference. In fact, more and more wine cellar projects are using a combination of both. So getting to properly know the features of the product is quite essential. It will help you arrive at the choice that’s best for your storage needs. Our client for today’s Tech Tuesday did just that when they decided to work with the Vintage View metal wine racks:

Project # 315074
Wood: Vintage View
Bottle Capacity: 1830
Where: Miami, FL

You will be surprised at the amount of bottle storage   that was created in this wine cellar. It can actually hold up to a little over 1800 bottles! This goes to show that the Vintage View racks are one of the best racking solutions to wine cellar projects of any size. These metal wine racks are designed to hold standard sized wine bottles The units are primarily designed to be wall mounted at 7.5 inches apart. The wall-mount feature is what makes it highly space-efficient. While the racks can hold standard sized bottles, the configurations can also be tweaked. You can also store split-sized bottles by mounting the racks 5.5 inches apart.

Each metal wine rack in this series contains: 1 base (heel) strip, 1 neck strip, end caps on wall strip, 1 connector for stacking, mounting hole covers and soft plastic rod tips. The units come in single, double, and triple deep storage options. Added to these features, they also come in three different finishes. Select from Satin Black, Brushed Nickel, or Chrome Plated to work with your wine cellar theme.

But the feature we appreciate the most is how the racks can be displayed floor to ceiling. If you want a bit more drama to your racking assembly, you can skip the wall mounting or do a mix of wall mounting and floor to ceiling displays. This is actually what you’re seeing here in today’s Tech Tuesday. The floor to ceiling display will result in a beautiful “floating” aesthetic to your wine bottles. Take note that you will need to purchase a Floor to Ceiling Frame to achieve this look. *Cheers*

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