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Exploring 3 Types Of Dessert Wines | Wine Cellar Inspirations

February 26th, 2020

We often hear people asking what wine goes best with meat or fish, or salads. But what about having wine with your dessert? Tea seems to be the more popular option for pairing with sweets. We can change that, though! There are dessert wines that can make those mille-feuilles, French macarons, and cheesecakes taste even better. Let’s start exploring!

Exploring dessert wines!

Icewine with tarts and galettes

Icewine (or eiswein) is a type of late harvest wine that comes with a very sweet twist. If the grapes happen to freeze while still on the vine, they can be made into icewine. However, they must be harvested before they have a chance to thaw. That’s because the water in the grapes will freeze, but the sugars will not. Hence, the wines are even more concentrated than their late harvest counterparts. Owing to the intense fruit flavors to match the sweetness, icewine goes especially well with tarts and pies. It’s also a delight to the palette when paired with buttery flavors, like galettes.

Wine x dessert pairings

Zinfandel with fudge & cheesecake

Zinfandel is also known as a “California wine.” A bottle made from the late-harvest grapes is the sweetest. It boasts rich figgy notes that complement creamy caramel and vanilla flavors. We recommend pairing it with caramel pecan fudge or vanilla pecan pie. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, try it with some rich red velvet cheesecake. You’ll love that hint of cocoa flavor that comes through without overpowering the fruitiness of the wine.

Dessert wines to enjoy

Traditional red wine and chocolates

Not in the mood for something unusual? Then stick to the traditional dessert wine paring: red wine and chocolates. You definitely can’t go wrong with this! You can have it all in one go. Infuse a liberal portion of your favorite red in a cup of hot chocolate over a slow cooker. For a richer taste, add a dash of nutmeg and cinnamon. You’ll get that warming mulled wine flavor that’s just to die for! ^_^


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