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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Considering Eco-Friendly Products

February 12th, 2020

Climate change is arguably the biggest concern in the world today. The start of 2020 had been inundated with unfortunate incidents that threaten to completely destroy Mother Nature. Whether we like it or not, we are responsible for what is happening to our planet. That’s why every little thing that we do to help restore the balance in the environment is now crucial. WCI has been a staunch  supporter of the green campaign. We are constantly developing and promoting eco-friendly products for wine cellar projects. We want to inspire environmental consciousness in every aspect of our business. So we’re sharing with you guys today some of these highly recommended eco-friendly wine cellar products:

Choose eco-friendly products for your wine cellars1. Switch to LED lighting accessories

LED technology has become very popular in the recent years because if its many advantages. Specifically, these are advantages over incandescent, fluorescents, compact fluorescent lamps and other lighting devices. This includes an exceptionally longer lifespan amounting to 60,000 hours. It also means a much lower energy consumption. It is 90% more efficient, with reduced maintenance costs, and higher safety to boot. WCI offers a great selection of the more eco-friendly lighting accessories. This includes the LED ribbon lighting kit which is super easy to install.

Consider these eco-friendly products!

Stick to water-based stains 

Why choose water-based stains? First off, water-based stains are the most environmentally-safe and friendly ones you can use for your wine cellar. The actual finish is suspended in the water, not “thinned” by it, which allows it to dry quickly and have limited VOCs. Some VOCs are carcinogenic or neurotoxic and pose dangers to your health, the health of our planet, and the health of your wine as well. Second, by switching to water-based stains, exposure to VOCs is greatly minimized, as well as to fire hazards. Keep in mind that water based products are more UV resistant than solvent products that will get hazy and lose their color clarity. Lastly, they’re also odor-free!

Use formaldehyde-free products

In 2016, WCI announced that we were officially formaldehyde-free. Check out this detailed blog explaining our journey to a more clean and green business. Here at WCI, our cabinet-grade plywood for wine cellar and wine cellar furniture purposes comes with the Timber Products CARB Certificate. This covers our wood products like Mahogany, Walnut, and Red Oak, among other varieties. Moreover, we are still continuously working on expanding this program to cover more of our wine cellar products. ^_^

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