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Technical Tuesday Episode #459: Stunning Floor-To-Ceiling Racking

January 28th, 2020

Flexibility is a sought-after quality in wine racks. You’d want your racks to be able to cater to your bottle storage needs. But of course, those needs also change over time. So having your racks accommodate future bottle storage needs is definitely ideal. Fortunately, WCI racking products were manufactured to deliver just this. Our racking units can be configured in a number of ways to suit a variety of bottle storage styles. Today’s Tech Tuesday wonderfully illustrates this point with these floor-to-ceiling Vintage View racking units:

Project # 284048
Wood: Vintage View
Bottle Capacity: 624
Where: Atlanta, GA

Now Vintage View is a pretty popular product and appears quite frequently in both our Tech Tuesdays and Testimonial Thursdays. For the most part, we’ve featured Vintage View as wall-mount racking units. However, the racks can also be utilized in another manner: with a floor-to-ceiling configuration. This is exactly what you’re seeing in this Tech Tuesday project. The racks arranged floor-to-ceiling with the help of a Floor to Ceiling Frame which is purchased separately.

So what is the difference when you use your Vintage View racks with this configuration? First off, you get to store your bottles in a label-forward manner. This is certainly not like the usual neck-forward storage that you see in most wine cellars. One of the biggest advantages of storing your bottles this way is label visibility. Organizing your collection should become more convenient since you can easily see the labels. If you own a wine store, this becomes a great sales strategy. You can display your most popular wine merchandise this way to make it very accessible to your customers.

The other unique feature of this type of storage is that you can get a “floating” look for your bottles. Since the racks are mounted floor-to-ceiling, it will look like your wine bottles are just floating on air. The effect is both elegant and ethereal. We have been receiving more and more requests for this kind of racking style in the last couple of years. It is especially enchanting when combined with glass elements. You’ll find a good number of glass-enclosed projects with “floating” racks on our photo galleries. Last but definitely not the least, a floor-to-ceiling configuration is just amazingly space-efficient. It is no way inferior to the wall-mount style, as you can clearly see from these photos. *Cheers*