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Commercial Racking Layouts With Vintage View Series

January 27th, 2020

Our Vintage View Series is certainly one of our most popular metal racking products. You can see it featured a lot on both our Tech Tuesdays and Testimonial Thursday blogs. Most of these are residential wine cellar projects. So what you may not know is that Vintage View also has a strong commercial racking game. The series will allow you to combine form and function with your racking layouts with these bottle storage options:

Vintage View Crate and Bins

Vintage View Case and Crate Bins

Wine stores with high volume sales will definitely appreciate what the Vintage View Case and Crate Bins have to offer. The Case and Crate Bin is being offered as a single column and up to four columns,  with add-on extensions. The single column can store up to 48 bottles. That means you can stock up to 192 bottled with a four-column configuration. The metal racking units are dressed up in a sleek Stain Black finish. This makes it super easy to integrate them with any existing racking. Apart from being space-efficient, they sport a neutral yet elegant design. They will definitely be a welcome addition in any wine establishment. The bins also come with Steel X-Bin Insert to creat an open diamond design. It is sold as a two piece single unit or 3 pack to fill one column.

Vintage View Crate & Crate Lockers

Vintage View Crate and Crate Lockers

Taking a cue from our Wine Lockers, the Crate and Crate Lockers allow for extra secure bottle storage. The lockers are also available in the same single column configuration with add-on extensions up to four columns. Moreover, they come in “short” and “tall” height options. The Tall Locker option is actually two short lockers stacked on top of each other. Again, they are available as a single column and up to four columns, with add on extensions. The lockers also sport the same beautiful Satin Black finish as the bins. Moreover, you can also acquire the X-Bin insert with these lockers. This will enable you to give more character to your wine establishment’s racking layouts. Check out the full catalogue on this section of the website! ^_^