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Technical Tuesday Episode #458: Clear Alder In Dark Weathered Stain

January 21st, 2020

Happy Tech Tuesday, wine cellar fans! How are we weathering out the winter season? Some parts of the country are experiencing record-breaking snowfall. If you belong to that region, we’re channeling Olaf and sending you warm hugs ^_^. So relax, have a glass of wine (or two) and check out today’s inspiring Tech Tuesday concept:

Project # 319097
Wood: Custom / Clear Alder
Bottle Capacity: 332
Where: Atlanta, GA

Metal wine racks and custom wood racks in Dark Weathered StainThis may be just a compact wine cellar but it is big in so many ways, especially when it comes to design.  You can see the racking assembly is well thought-out using a variety of elements. In fact, this project has that contemporary touch that is so popular right now. We can attribute it to the mix of materials, essentially, wood, metal and glass. As you can see the upper portion of the arrangement is built in a riddling rack fashion. This allows for more bottle storage and can accommodate even larger-format bottles:

Loving this contemporary vibe!The lower part of the racking assembly is more of a traditional design. The custom countertop, displays and cubes are all crafted from Clear Alder. Clear Alder is not your typical wood option for custom wine cellar projects. But its characteristics make it a great choice if you want that classic feel to your wine cellar. Clear Alder is a light hardwood with no knots, having a grain pattern similar to Cherry. The wood itself is characterized by light brown and reddish undertones. It has a straight and even-textured wood grain with indistinct boundaries between the heartwood and the sapwood. One of the great features of Clear Alder is that it accepts stains and finishes evenly. Because if this, it can at times be indistinguishable from Cherry in appearance.

Classy Dark Weathered Stain racksTo give the elegance factor of the racking assembly and even bigger boost, the wood racks were stained with a Dark Weathered Stain option. This weathered finish utilizes the same process as Dusty Weathered Stain, However, a darker, more solid color, of topcoat is applied for a more dramatic effect. The main purpose for this finish is to get your wood to sport a timeworn appearance which is very classy. Since Clear Alder adapts well to stains and finishes, this darker option was just perfect for this project. We love the contrast of the bold hues with the stainless appearance of the metal racks. How would you rate this Tech Tuesday? Share your thoughts with us! *Cheers*

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