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Midnight Black Stain Brings Wow Factor To Client’s Wine Cellar

November 21st, 2019

Bold colors are always a hit during the Fall season. Jeweled tones such as ruby reds, emerald greens, and amethyst purples are very much in vogue. These darker hues always make an eye-catching statement without being too loud or too much. In fact, the element of elegance is still very much present in these colors.  So why not bring that into your wine cellars as well? Our client Stephen shares some of these gorgeous snapshots of their newly completed wine cellar. It is a show-stopper, all thanks to the stain option that they picked for their wine racks:

Wow factor brought about by Midnight Black Stain option

This beautiful racking assembly was made possible by our Vintner Series wine rack kits. Thanks to the extensive racking designs offered by Vintner, anyone can build wine cellars with a “custom-built” look. The variety of bottle storage styles coupled with wood, stain and finish options makes this series as the “next best thing to custom.” That being said, just check out the “wow” factor of this wine room! The clients shied away from the traditional woodworking finishes and instead, went for something bolder. They chose Midnight Black Stain which went extremely well with the Grand Mahogany wood option.

Midnight Black Stain can give your wood a very dramatic appearance because of its jet black hues. The darker colors are especially pronounced in some wood types, such as Grand Mahogany. Grand Mahogany has inherently uniform color and a straight, moderately coarse grain pattern. This helps the wood absorb stains and finishes really well, particularly darker ones. You can compare the swatches of Midnight Black Stain with this wood as against others, like Rustic Pine and Redwood. Grand Mahogany shows the richest shades that lend a contemporary charm to the wood:

Beautiful, bold Midnight Black Stain on racks

The image above shows a closer view of the wine cellar. The stark contrast between the jet black racks and the much lighter floors and walls is really attractive. The Midnight Black Stain also helps accentuate the clean lines of the racking assembly. The layout of this cellar might be simple, but the “wow” factor is certainly present. Needless to say, the clients were absolutely loving how everything turned out! ^_^

“We absolutely love it!!”

~Stephen H.~

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