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Perfect Performance By WCI’s Custom Wine Racks

October 31st, 2019

How would you rate the performance of your wine racks when it comes to storing your precious collection? We’re pretty hyped to share this high praise given by a client for our wine racking units. Marc sent these photos of their gorgeous wine cellar, equipped with no less than our custom wine racks:

Check out this wine room’s unique entryway. It has a vintage feel to it which we totally love. Inside is a quite generously spaced are for the racking arrangement. The client wanted to use this space as efficiently as possible. Choosing to go with custom wine racks was certainly the best move. Our experienced design consultants can design wine cellars of any size and style, with any budget. It can be as small as a wine cellar closet or large and ambitious, such as a luxe wine room. WCI offers free wine cellar consultation, along with actual room plans to help clients get started on their wine cellar projects. Our design consultants will be able to provide valuable advice on which types of racks will work best with your space and style preference.

Here are some snaps of the completed racking setup. You can see that there is a nice variety of individual and bulk bottle storage options. Since the client had a healthy, growing collection, maximizing the room’s bottle storage capacity was top priority. This was achieved thanks to the custom racks that were made to wrap around the room in a seamless manner. Notice that there is even space for the bottles in between the racks and the ceilings without      making the assembly look cramped and messy.

Taking a cue from the stone hewn walls and vintage vibe of the room’s interior, Premium Redwood was the wood of choice for the racks. Premium Redwood has lighter, pinkish gold tones compared to All-Heart Redwood. But because it absorbs stains and finishes equally well, it looked bolder and elegant with the Dark Walnut Stain option. Needless to say, the client was very much pleased with the results! It was was a perfect performance and you know it can’t get any better than that!

“All of my wine racks are performing perfectly I had absolutely no issues.”

~Marc N.~

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