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Basement Wine Cellar In Vintner x Vintage View Combo

October 24th, 2019

A basement wine cellar is not a new concept at all. But a modern design to one definitely is! Modern wine cellars have become a rising trend with wine cellar projects in the recent years. No longer is wine storage being built to just store bottles in the traditional way. It  is gradually becoming a showpiece – a conversation starter that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the home. The great thing about this, too, is that one’s collection can be displayed with the proper storage conditions anywhere in the home. This is all thanks to the innovations in wine refrigeration technology. Our clients shared with us some gorgeous photos of their recently completed basement wine cellar. It is certainly modern wine storage at its best!

Stunning glass-enclosed basement wine cellarThe clients had a beautiful space in their basement to begin with. It was really built for entertaining, with comfy couches, as well as a bar. They decided to maximize space and added a glass-enclosed wine cellar as well. It was indeed a smart move. The glass-enclosed wine cellar was equipped with racking units from our Vintner Series. They oped for unstained Rustic Pine for the units. In addition, they purchased some Vintage View Series metal wine racks in a floor-to-ceiling configuration. The Open Diamond Bins with Trim and Rectangular Bins from Vintner offered tons of bulk bottle storage. The clients were even able to keep wine boxes and crates in their cellar. On the other hand, the metal wine racks helped to showcase their collection in an elegant and organized manner. Take note that Vintage View allows for a unique label-forward storage system. Since they went for the floor-to-ceiling layout, this also gave the bottles a beautiful, “floating” appearance. The wood x metal elements worked really well to give the wine storage a contemporary touch.

Vintner x Vintage View combo for a modern feelDoes this elegant wine cellar design with a modern flair appeal to you as well? You can check out more designs like this project over at out photo gallery. Then don’t forget to chat with our experienced wine cellar design consultants. We’ll help make your wine cellar dreams a reality! ^_^

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