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Wine Cellar Inspirations: Serving Temperatures For Your Favorite Wines

October 23rd, 2019

At what temperature should you serve your wines? Do different types of wine need to be served at specific temperatures? And does that affect how the wine tastes? Also, are there ideal temperatures at which to serve various wines? The answer is a big YES to all of these!

It is highly recommended to serve wines at their correct temperatures is because the temperature can impact the way the wine will smell and taste. In order to enjoy your favorite wines at their peak taste, you need to serve at the ideal temperatures. A little knowledge goes a long way and will result in the most amazing tasting experience.

Learn about serving temperatures for different wines!

Serve Sparkling Wine ice-cold at 40 to 50 degrees

Let’s start off with sparkling wines. This is obviously one of the top favorites in any formal or informal tasting event. A lot of us like to put our bubbly in the freezer about an hour before we pop it. But sometimes, we also tend to forget about it. If you pop it straightaway, you’ll have an explosion – which is definitely not a pretty sight. It is recommended to put the bottles in an ice bucket for about a half-hour before you pop. The ice cold temperature will keep the bubbles fine rather than foamy. After opening and pouring, return the open bottle to the ice bucket if it’s not finished yet.

Serving temperature varies with different wines

Serve Whites and Rosè cold at 50 to 60 degrees

For white wine and rosè, serving them cold is ideal. It is recommended to place your bottles in the fridge immediately after buying. But if you buy the wine the same day you want to drink it, you have two options of enjoying it at its peak taste. You can either leave it in the fridge for several hours, or place it in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Never leave it for longer in the freezer! After opening and pouring, let the bottle sweat on the table instead of putting it on ice like your sparkling wines. You’ll notice that the wine’s aromas and character will change slightly as the temperature rises.

Serve your Reds cool at 60 to 70 degrees

The most common misconception with red wine is that it is ideal to serve it at room temperature. The best way to enjoy your reds is actually serving them cool. By that, we mean an ideal temperature of 60 to 70 degrees. To cool reds down to the proper temperature, put them in the fridge an hour before serving. If you are short on time, place the bottle in the freezer for about 15 minutes – and don’t let it stay for much longer! After pouring or decanting, leave the bottle to sweat like with your whites.


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