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Clients Show Lots Of Love For Their Vintner Wine Racks

October 17th, 2019

It’s Testimonial Thursday once again, wine cellar fans! Today, we are in for a treat. Our clients show lots of love for their wine cellar by sharing some of these beautiful snaps with us. Let’s take the visual tour to appreciate the finer details of this project:

Vintner Racks in Rustic Pine

As you can see from these photos, the cellar was actually built in a tight spot at the lower levels of the clients’ residence. While the location was ideal, the square footage and irregular shape of the space proved to be quite a challenge. Naturally, the clients wanted to get as much bottle storage space as they can out of this space. That means that they have to customize their racking units to suit the unusual layout. That also means they may have to spend more than what they have budgeted for the project. Fortunately, none of that needed to happen! Our Vintner Series got the job done much to our clients’ satisfaction.

Wine Bottle WaterfallThe Vintner Series is undoubtedly WCI’s most popular wine rack “kit” product. It has actually been dubbed as the “next best thing” to custom racking. The reasons are plenty! First off, Vintner provides a fantastic variety of racking styles to choose from. Apart from individual and bull bottle storage options, the series also carries wine tasting center packages, elite cabinetry, finish options, accessories and more. But it’s strongest feature lies in the flexibility of the wine racks themselves. Vintner offers 3-foot and 4-foot racking that you can conveniently stack to accommodate any ceiling height. This is true for both individual and bulk bottle storage units That means you can equip wine cellars of any size by mixing and matching the racks.

As mentioned earlier, Vintner carries a wide array of racking styles. These include designs that you might normally find only with custom jobs. One good example is the Wine Bottle Waterfall that was utilized by this project. Check out the photo above and you can see how this type of racking works very well with uneven spaces. No wonder the clients love it!

Dark Walnut stain on racks

Lest we forget to mention, Vintner also gives the opportunity to customize the wood, stain and finish options on your racks. Even if it’s just a “kit,” you can enjoy the full selection of stains and finishes that WCI has to offer. That also includes our lacquer option. ^_^

“We absolutely love her! Take a look at the photos.

~Marc G.~

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