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Clients Find Happiness In The Designer Series Wine Racks

October 10th, 2019

Who is a fan of small wine cellars? Before this concept came about, it was always about large wine cellars. But thanks to continuous innovations with racking products, wine storage has become more flexible over time. These days, even a closet-sized wine storage can do a lot for you, from bottle storage capacity down to style. Our clients for today’s Testimonial Thursday episode have definitely gotten the memo on this one. Check out their wonderful compact wine cellar and how they found happiness with the help of our Designer Series:

Our clients had just enough space in their home to accommodate their collection and they wanted to make the most of out it. They stumbled upon the Designer Series wine racks kit and sent for several racking units. They purchased several Individual Bottle Racks as well as Rectangular Bins. The full depth, 6-foot racks were a perfect fit for the designated space for the wine storage. Assembly proceeded without a hitch and soon after that, they got to work filling up the racks. Needless to say, they were able to grow their collection quite fast!

The photos above show a great before-and-after transformation of the space. Notice how the racks are able to provide a pretty generous amount of bottle storage. This compact wine cellar can actually accommodate around 200 bottles. You can see how proud our client Vince is of the results. They cleverly chose Grand Mahogany for their wood option. Grand Mahogany is a top tier wood for custom wine cellar projects. It is beautiful enough unstained with its almost uniform colors and grain patterns. But when stained, it becomes even more attractive. Our clients went for a Classic Mahogany stain for their racks. You can see from the photos how the wine racks emulate the hues of red wine. They found happiness in the right place so to speak – thanks to the Designer Series! ^_^

“We never thought we would fill these up but it happened so quickly. We are very happy with our racking. Looks great!” 

~Vince B.~

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