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Ways To Glam Up Your Glass-Enclosed Wine Cellar

October 7th, 2019

When it comes to wine cellar design, it can’t get more elegant that a glass-enclosed one. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make things even better. There are ways to elevate the style factor of your glass-enclosed cellar and give it some glam. You don’t even have to worry that it will downgrade the elegant appeal at all. Allow us to show you some terrific ways to achieve this!Glam up your glass-enclosed wine storage!

Go for modern metal racking…

You can have any type of wine racking units in your glass-enclosed project. These days, a lot of these wine cellars choose metal wine racks over wood – or a mixture of both. So take it up a notch and go for some modern metal racking! WCI has a bevy of beautiful metal wine rack collections for you yo explore. Our oldies but goodies include our Vintage View Series and WineZone Wine Shelf System. But we have introduced many other collections in the last few years as well. We recommend checking out our STACT Aluminum Series and the Echelon Wave Wine Racks. The latter is crafted from extruded aluminum with a natural satin anodised finish. And just last week, we launched two more amazing metal racking products: the Ultra Wine Racks and Revue collection. Both are wall-mounted wonders that will definitely bring glam into your glass-enclosed wine storage.

Go and add some “trimmings”…

You might feel you don’t need to add anything to the exterior of a glass-enclosed wine cellar since it might ruin the elegant aesthetic. But that’s not exactly true. By selecting tasteful trimmings, you can put more character into that wine cellar project. One of our favorites is the black metal trim. This will give an industrial touch to your wine cellar and elevate that modern charm. The trim is actually a gorgeous statement of separation and transparency. Anyone can peer directly into the wine cellar and admire the enticing wine bottles nestled inside.

Go for some decorative applications…

Do not be afraid to be a little whimsical with your design choices for your wine cellar. Just because you want it to be elegant doesn’t mean everything has to be traditional. With a glass-enclosed project, some decorative applications can make for very attractive results. Our must-try is either the etched glass or painted glass application. Etched glass is intricate and dreamy. Painted glass, on the other hand, will give your wine cellar beautiful pops of color. These glam applications can be done on your wine cellar doors, windows, and even ceilings. ^_^

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