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Technical Tuesday Episode #446: Experience WCI’s Revue Wine Racks

October 1st, 2019

Happy first Tech Tuesday for the month of October! Like we mentioned in our earlier blogs, we are expecting big this this Fall season. Today’s new product launch is definitely one of the big ones. We’re welcoming yet another brand-new addition to our metal wine racks collection. Yesterday, we talked to you guys about the Ultra Wine Racks and all the creative wine storage you can achieve with these wall-mount units. Today, we’re proud to introduce the Revue Wine Racks!

The Revue Series

A visual delight in wine storage…

There is no better way to describe the Revue Series than the units being a visual delight in wine storage. The wall-mounted metal wine racks are crafted from high-quality material that will assure the security of your wine bottles. The label-forward configuration lets you display your collection to utmost advantage. The labels are clearly visible which also makes for convenient organization of the bottles. That’s why the racks can work with either residential or commercial wine cellar projects. Moreover, since they are wall-mounted, they are the ultimate space savers. Install them anywhere in your home or store and mix and match them with your other wine cellar racking and furniture. The understated elegance of the design will certainly bring beauty and serenity to any wine cellar project.

A visual delight in wine storage!

Speaking of assembly and installation, the Revue Wine Racks are guaranteed safe and easy to install. When you purchase units at two or three bottle depth, note that there are gravity stops between bottles. This is to ensure that the wine bottles do not touch. In addition, they are also naturally earthquake resistant. The metal racking has a 5 degree angle on the arms. This is to keep the bottles angled back forward on the wall in the event of an earthquake. Each rack is securely wall-mounted using brackets. With this, you can have a floor to ceiling arrangement that also makes it convenient to add more units. In other words, you can grow your racking along with your wine collection! The Revue Series metal wine racks are proudly made in the United States. WCI offers the product in two finishes: black stain or silver metal. However, we are expecting additional colors and configurations coming soon – so stay tuned for that. *Cheers*

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